Home Studio

We have a list of artists set up and ready to go with home recording capabilities. Already our voice artists are keeping busy recording from home for many projects.

So if you need a quick turnaround for your next project, please see our list below. 

Our list is growing daily, so please keep checking our updates.

If you would like to send us a brief, we will send you a list of artists to suit your requirements. 

Alvin Addo-Quaye
Millie Binks
Jonathon Carley
Georgia Conlan
Amy Du Quesne
Bronwyn Elizabeth
Keith Faulkner
Jessica Grace
Priscille Grace
Bethany Hare
David Howell
Brad Kavanagh
Keaton Lansley
Kathryn Maccoll
Terence Mann
Morag Peacock
Katie Ross
Megan Wolfe