Vinani Mwazanzale - ALADDIN

Currently appearing as a School Girl in Disney's Aladdin starring Will Smith and directed by Guy Ritchie.

Luke Halliwell - YEARS AND YEARS




MISHA ADE & TAMICA GREENAWAY are currently filming for brand new Netflix drama series The Stranger.

Tamica Greenaway - THE STRANGER

TAMICA GREENAWAY & MISHA ADE are currently filming for brand new Netflix drama series The Stranger.

Jennifer Hulman - EMMERDALE

Jennifer Hulman has been confirmed for Emmerdale.


Corin Sila - EMMERDALE

Corin Silver stars as KAIDEN in Emmerdale.


Luke Halliwell - BBC DRAMA

LUKE HALLIWELL has been confirmed for an exciting BBC drama!


Martin Razpopov - FEATURE FILM

A huge congratulations to MARTIN RAZPOPOV who has just landed a role in an exciting feature film!


EMMA JENG has recently completed filming on Coronation Street!


Josh Hart - GLORY

JOSH HART will be performing in brand new play 'GLORY' at The Dukes Theatre from 21st Feb - 2nd March and will then tour the UK.

Glory is one of the BBC’s top theatre picks of 2019.


Ashley Luke Lloyd & Georgia Bradshaw - FLASHDANCE

ASHLEY LUKE LLOYD & GEORGIA BRADSHAW have been cast in the South Korean tour of FLASHDANCE - beginning in January 2019.


Malique Thompson-Dwyer - HOLLYOAKS

MALIQUE THOMPSON-DWYER continues as Prince McQueen in Hollyoaks.


Aston Kelly - RADIO 4

ASTON KELLY has just finished recording BBC Radio4 drama Blackwater - scheduled to air in January 2019.


Harry Bradley - POP UP GLOBE NZ

HARRY BRADLEY is currently performing various Shakespeare plays with the  in Auckland, New Zealand

More info:



ORLA POOLE stars in new British feature STRANGEWAYS HERE WE COME.


Jennifer Hulman - CASUALTY

JENNIFER HULMAN stars as RACHAEL in Casualty on BBC One.


Daniel Maley - KES

DANIEL MALEY has been cast as Young Billy Casper in . Directed by David Crowley at The Stanford Corn Exchange.



ASTON KELLY is currently filming on Coronation Street.


Lewis Maiella - THE FESTIVAL

LEWIS MAIELLA stars in new comedy movie 'The Festival'.  

From the creators of The Inbetweeners, starring Joe Thomas, Hammed Animashaun and Nick Frost. 

Out in UK cinemas now!


Daniel Fitzsimons - TORVILL AND DEAN

DANIEL FITZSIMONS is currently filming as the part of 'Aidy' in new ITV drama TORVILL AND DEAN!


Lorenzo Harani - BBC DRAMA

LORENZO HARANI has been cast in an exciting new BBC Drama.


Maddison Jaizani - VERSAILLES

MADDISON JAIZANI continues in French Drama VERSAILLES on BBC Two. Catch up on all episodes here -


Joseph Passafaro - Exciting new role!

Congratulations to JOSEPH PASSAFARO who has just landed a very exciting theatre job overseas! 


Emma Jeng - DOCTORS

EMMA JENG has recently completed filming as 'Ester Knowles' in Doctors (BBC).



KIT EDWARDS stars as James Dean in JAMES DEAN IS DEAD!  

Taking place at The Warren Theatre, Brighton, before touring around the UK this summer!…/james-dean-is-dead-long-l…/ …


Jennifer Hulman - BBC ONE

Exciting news! Red Door's JENNIFER HULMAN has just been confirmed for a BBC drama series!


Daniel Maley #BeMoreMartyn

Break a leg to DANIEL MALEY as : The Boy with the Deirdre Tattoo opens tonight at The Hope Mill Theatre. 

A play which celebrates the life of Martyn Hett on the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena bombing.

Shireen Ashton - HOLLYOAKS

Congratulations to Red Door's SHIREEN ASHTON who is currently filming as 'Phoenix' in Hollyoaks.


Niamh Branigan - THE SNAPPER

NIAMH BRANIGAN will be appearing in THE SNAPPER at The Gate Theatre, Dublin, Between 14th June - 15th September. 
A wickedly funny account of the ups and downs of family life and pregnancy in Northside Dublin of the late 1980s.


Sophie Giddens - ROMEO AND JULIET

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet comes to Hope Mill Theatre this summer, with an all-female cast! 

A fearless retelling of the classic that still resonates today. 

Running 26-30th June. 



Nadia Cavelle - TARTUFFE

NADIA CAVELLE will be appearing at Theatre Royal Haymarket as 'Flipote' in Molière's classic theatrical comedy TARTUFFE. Running May 25th - July 28th.



And it's here...all eight episodes of Halan Coben's SAFE are available on Netflix UK right now! Starring Michael C. Hall and Red Door's KIRSTY HITCHINSON and MORAG PEACOCK.



Tune in to TOP WING on Nick Jr every evening at 5:30pm. Red Door's CHARLOTTE REYNARD, BRAD KAVANAGH and KATH MACCOLL voice the roles of Speedy, Bea, Cheap and Chirp.


Daniel Maley - #BEMOREMARTYN

DANIEL MALEY stars as Andrew in #BEMOREMARTYN - The Boy with the Deirdre Tattoo.

A play celebrating the life of Martyn Hett and to remember all the lives of those we lost at the Manchester Arena bombing.

Running at Hope Mill Theatre Monday 21st to Saturday 26th of May.


Maddison Jaizani - INTO THE BADLANDS

MADDISON JAIZANI continues as ‘Odessa’ in Into the Badlands.

Charlotte Reynard - DARK SIDE OF THE MOON

CHARLOTTE REYNARD cast in the fantastic play 'Dark Side of the Moon' as Claire Claremont.


Michael Ledwich - HOLLYOAKS

MICHAEL LEDWICH features in Hollyoaks.


Tigga Goulding - ACKLEY BRIDGE

TIGGA GOULDING has recently completed filming for Channel 4 drama series Ackley Bridge, series two, as Diane.


Sean Croke - DOCTORS

SEAN CROKE continues as series regular 'D.I Mark Addison' in Doctors, BBC.


Tigga Goulding - THE FORGE

Congratulations to Red Door Management's TIGGA GOULDING on a very exciting offer with The Forge Entertainments. 

To view Tigga's profile, Click Here 


Shireen Ashton - MURDERED FOR LOVE?

Red Door Management's SHIREEN ASHTON appeared as 'Yasmin' in BBC Two's MURDERED FOR LOVE?

To catch up on Murdered For Love, Click Here

To view Shireen's profile, Click Here


Ashley Luke Lloyd - LOSERVILLE

Red Door London's ASHLEY LUKE LLOYD will be performing in LOSERVILLE on 
Sunday 28th January 2018 at the Garrick Theatre, London.

A charity concert, in memory of Chris Hardman. 

To view Ashley's profile, Click Here 


Jennifer Hulman - 4 O'CLOCK CLUB

Red Door Management's JENNIFER HULMAN will be appearing as 'Splutter's PA' in the new series of  4 O'CLOCK CLUB for CBBC.

Transmission: Wednesday 24th January 2018 at 5pm on CBBC. 

To view Jennifer's profile, Click Here 


Kathryn MacColl - MOFY

Red Door Voice's KATHRYN MACCOLL is currently voicing a new series of hit animation MOFY for MILKSHAKE TV.

To hear Kathryn's voice reel, Click Here


Amy Du Quesne

Red Door Management's AMY DU QUESNE will be appearing as 'Sasha' in EMMERDALE for ITV

Transmission: Monday 8th January 2018 at 7pm on ITV. 

To view Amy's profile, Click Here 



Red Door Management's ELLIS TODD will be appearing in THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN for BBC

Transmission: 18th, 19th and 20th December 2017 at 10:00pm on BBC Two.


Rhys Cadman - LOVE, LIES & RECORDS

Red Door Management's RHYS CADMAN will be appearing as series regular 'Tom' in BBC's LOVE, LIES & RECORDS, written by Kay Mellor. 

To view Rhys's profile, Click Here


Tigga Goulding - THE 'A' WORD

Red Door Management's TIGGA GOULDING will be appearing this evening as 'Nurse Hannah' in 



Red Door London's GEORGIA BRADSHAW makes her West End debut this evening. 

Georgia has joined the cast of DREAMGIRLS at London's Savoy Theatre alongside our fabulous ASHLEY LUKE LLOYD, who is continuing in the show for a second year!

Click here to purchase your DREAMGIRLS tickets!


Natalie Edward-Yesufu- DOCTORS

Red Door London's NATALIE EDWARD-YESUFU will be appearing as 'Hazel Everdell' in DOCTORS for BBC. 

Transmission: Thursday 16th November 2017. 

To view Natalie's profile, Click Here



Red Door Management's ELLIS TODD has been filming for the exciting new series of 'THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN' for BBC.

To view Ellis's profile, Click Here 


Aise Ndiele - BULLETPROOF!

Red Door Management's AISE NDIELE has been busy filming for new police drama, BULLETPROOF!

To view Aise's profile, Click Here



Red Door Management's EMMA JENG will be appearing in CORONATION STREET for ITV

To view Emma's profile, Click Here


Georgia Bradshaw - DREAMSGIRLS

We are delighted to announce that Red Door London GEORGIA BRADSHAW will be making her West End debut in DREAMGIRLS at London's, Savoy Theatre from November 2017. 

To view Georgia's profile, Click Here

To book your DREAMSGIRLS tickets, Click Here 


Hannah Good - BANG

Catch Red Door London's HANNAH GOOD in Welsh Drama, BANG

Click Here to view BANG Episode One

To view Hannah's profile, Click Here 


Hayley Cartwright - CORONATION STREET

Red Door Management's HAYLEY CARTWRIGHT will be appearing in CORONATION STREET for ITV on Monday 18th September 2017. 

To view Hayley's profile, Click Here 


Morag Peacock - SAFE

Red Door Management's MORAG PEACOCK is currently filming as 'Jasmine Lodge' on Harlan Coben's eight-part drama SAFE for NETFLIX. 

To view Morag's profile, Click Here



Red Door Management's CLIVE COOPER will be appearing in CORONATION STREET for ITV this evening. 

To view Clive's profile, Click Here


Pat Brocklehurst - COLD FEET

Red Door Management's PAT BROCKLEHURST will be appearing in COLD FEET as 'Anne' for ITV on Friday 8th September 2017. 

To view Pat's profile, Click Here 


Kirsty Hitchinson - SAFE

Red Door London's KIRSTY HITCHINSON is currently filming as 'Julia' on Harlan Coben's exclusive eight part drama SAFE for NETFLIX.

To view Kirsty's profile, Click Here


Maddison Jaizani - VERSAILLES

Red Door London's MADDISON JAIZANI has recently completed filming on the third season of VERSAILLES as lead 'Sophie'. 

Maddison is soon to commence filming on AMC's INTO THE BADLANDS season 3, as lead 'Odessa'.

To view Maddison's profile, Click Here


Natalie Edward -Yesufu - DOCTORS

Red Door London's NATALIE EDWARD-YESUFU has recently completed filming on DOCTORS for BBC. 

To view Natalie's profile, Click Here



Red Door Management's RACHEL TOOMES will be appearing in CORONATION STREET this evening as MRS.BANKS.

Episode directed by, Mike Lacey for ITV.

To view Rachel's profile, please Click Here


Jon-Paul Bell - AMNESIA

Red Door London's JON-PAUL BELL will be appearing as 'Jack' in Kimberly Hart Simpson's AMNESIA.

Dates: Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th June 2017.

Venue: Theatre 53two, Manchester 

To book your tickets, Click Here

To view Jon-Paul's profile, Click Here



Red Door Management's MARK BESWICK has recently completed filming in Morocco on feature film 

To view Mark's profile, Click Here 


Jon-Paul Bell - KAJAKI

Red Door London's JON-PAUL BELL will be appearing as 'Luke Mauro' in BAFTA winning KAJAKI.

A true story based on the bravery and heroism of the armed forces in Afghanistan.

TX: Sunday 7th May at 10:00 pm.

To view Jon-Paul's profile, Click Here


Lewis Maiella - BABS

Red Door London's LEWIS MAIELLA will be appearing as 'Chuck' in BBC One's BABS

Celebrating the story of a true British icon, Dame Barbara Windsor.

TX: Sunday 7th May at 8:00 pm.

To View Lewis's profile, Click Here 


Sara Latif - JB SHORTS 17

Red Door Management's SARA LATIF will be appearing as Reshma's Ego in JB SHORTS 17

INSIDE VOICES, a piece written by Nick Ahad and directed by George Want.

'On their first date, Reshma and Bob discover what happens when they ignore the voice of negativity and embrace a life without filters'. 

To view Sara's profile, Click Here

To get your tickets for JB SHORTS 17, Click Here


Kate Huntsman - SHAKERS

Red Door London's KATE HUNTSMAN will be appearing in SHAKERS at East Riding Theatre, directed by John Godber. 

To view Kate's profile, Click Here

To book your SHAKERS tickets, Click Here


Ella Redhead - THRILLER LIVE

We are delighted to announce Red Door London's ELLA REDHEAD will be joining the cast of THRILLER
 at the Lyric Theatre. London

To view Ella's profile, Click Here 


Eleanor Samson - EMMERDALE

Red Door Management's ELEANOR SAMSON will be appearing in EMMERDALE for ITV
on Monday 24th April 2017 at  7.30pm. 

To View Eleanor's profile, CLICK HERE


Red Door Voices

Red Door Voices KATHRYN MACCOLL can be heard voicing various characters in new animation series MOFY for MILKSHAKE.

To hear Kathryn's Voice Reel, Click Here 



Red Door Management's ASTON KELLY will be appearing in ITV's prime time drama LITTLE BOY BLUE

To view Aston's profile, Click Here

To see the official ITV trailer, Click Here


Rachel Toomes - HOLLYOAKS

Red Door Management's RACHEL TOOMES is appearing in HOLLYOAKS for LIME PICTURES.

To view Rachel's profile, Click Here


Jennifer Hulman - 4 O'CLOCK CLUB

Red Door's talented JENNIFER HULMAN will be appearing in 4 O' CLOCK CLUB for CBBC

To view Jennifer's profile, CLICK HERE


Maddison Jaizani - VERSAILLES SEASON 2

Red Door London's MADDISON JAIZANI can currently be seen as 'Sophie' in VERSAILLES Season 2

Click Here to view Maddison's Profile.


Ashley Lloyd - OLIVIER AWARDS 2017

Wishing Red Door London's ASHLEY LUKE LLOYD lots of luck for the OLIVIER AWARDS 2017.

Ashley is currently appearing in the West End hit musical DREAMGIRLS at the Savoy Theatre, London

To book your Dreamgirls tickets, Click Here


Red Door Voices

Red Door Voice's fabulous artist CHARLOTTE REYNARD becomes a new regular voice for CBBC

To hear Charlotte's Voice Reel, Click Here


Pat Brocklehurst - COLD FEET

Red Door Management's delightful PAT BROCKLEHURST has recently completed filming on COLD FEET for ITV.

To view Pat's profile, Click Here


Tigga Goulding - THE 'A' WORD

TIGGA GOULDING will shortly commence filming on BBC One's second series of THE 'A' WORD.

To view Tigga's profile, Click Here


Hayley Cartwright - CORONATION STREET

Red Door Management's HAYLEY CARTWRIGHT has been busy filming for an episode of ITV's

To view Hayley's profile, Click Here


Sean Croke - THE ABC

Red Door's talented SEAN CROKE has recently completed filming on THE ABC, a drama coming soon to Channel 4.

To view Sean's profile, Click Here


Maddison Jaizani - INTO THE BADLANDS

MADDISON JAIZANI is currently playing 'Odessa' on AMC's INTO THE BADLANDS

Click Here to view Maddison's Profile


Annabel Lucy - WOLFBLOOD

Red Door London's ANNABEL LUCY can currently be seen in WOLFBLOOD for CBBC

Click Here to view Annabel's Profile.

To catch up with the latest episode of WOLFBLOOD, Click Here



Another chance to catch Red Door's fabulous KATEY BRENNAND on CORONATION STREET as 'Jemima' for ITV

Click Here to view Katey's Profile.


Luke Halliwell - BROKEN BISCUITS

Red Door's LUKE HALLIWELL is currently appearing in BROKEN BISCUITS at Gothenburg English Theatre, Sweden.

To view Broken Biscuits' official trailer, CLICK HERE 

Click Here to view Luke's Profile.


Keith Faulkner - SUGARED ARMOUR

Our Fabulous KEITH FAULKNER has recently appeared in SUGARED ARMOUR

Click Here to view Keith's Profile.


Gia Ré - BRING IT ON for Universal Pictures

Our wonderful GIA RÉ has completed filming as 'Willow' for Universal's 'BRING IT ON'. Coming soon to a Cinema near you!

To view Gia's profile, CLICK HERE


Katey Brennand - Coronation Street

Catch our fabulous artist KATEY BRENNAND playing 'Jemima' on CORONATION STREET for ITV

To view Katey's Profile, CLICK HERE



The beautiful french drama VERSAILLES starring MADDISON JAIZANI is now available to watch on Netflix in the United States.

To view Maddison's Profile, CLICK HERE


Michael Ledwich - Scouse of the Rising Sun

Our talented MICHAEL LEDWICH can be seen in 'Scouse of the Rising Sun' at The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool.

CLICK HERE to view Michael's Profile.

CLICK HERE to buy tickets for Scouse of the Rising Sun.


Ashley Luke Lloyd - DREAMGIRLS

Our wonderful ASHELY LUKE LLOYD will be taking to 'The Savoy Theatre' stage in DREAMGIRLS as it previews from Saturday 19th November 2016.

CLICK HERE to book your DREAMSGIRLS Tickets.

CLICK HERE to view Ashely's Profile.


Tobias Weatherburn - The Emperor's New Clothes

Our Fabulous TOBIAS WEATHERBURN will be appearing in THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES at The Sherman Theatre.

CLICK HERE to view Tobias's Profile.


Mark Beswick - Moving On

MARK BESWICK can be seen in 'Moving On' for BBC

CLICK HERE to view Mark's Profile.

CLICK HERE to catch up with the latest episode of 'Moving On' by Jimmy McGovern


Whispers of Heaton

Back with popular demand! 'WHISPERS OF HEATON' with Red Door's JON-PAUL BELL

CLICK HERE to view Jon-Paul's Profile 

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for 'The Whispers of Heaton' 


Red Door Voices

Red Door Voice's artist TERENCE MANN is the voice of 'Gobble' in KATE & MIM-MIM for 'CBeebies'

CLICK HERE to view Red Door Voices' Talent Roster. 


Maddison Jaizani - 'Into The Badlands'

We are delighted to announce MADDISON JAIZANI is currently filming as 'Odessa' on INTO THE BADLANDS for AMC

CLICK HERE to view Maddison's profile.


Red Door Voices

Well done to artist's LUKE HALLIWELL, KEITH FAULKNER & TERENCE MANN on securing a NEW 'Animation Series'

CLICK HERE to view Red Door Voices' Talent Roster. 


Ellis Todd

Great New's for Red Door's ELLIS TODD.... Ellis will be starting filming very shortly for a wonderful ITV Drama... Watch this space!

CLICK HERE to view Ellis's Profile 


Yemisi Oyinloye

Our fabulous artist YEMISI OYINLOYE will be appearing in 'Casualty' for BBC on Saturday 15th October 2016.

CLICK HERE to view Yemisi's Profile 



Our fabulous artist EMMA JENG can be seen Tonight in Coronation Street for ITV 

CLICK HERE to view Emma's Profile 


Una Bird

Our fabulous artist UNA BIRD has recently filmed for a wonderful TV Commercial.
CLICK HERE to view Una's profile 


Ione Townsend

We are delighted to announce that Red Door Artist IONE TOWNSEND is currently making her West End Debut in THRILLER LIVE at the Lyric Theatre, London.

CLICK HERE to view Ione's Profile 

To purchase tickets for Thriller Live, CLICK HERE


Sean Croke | The Shawshank Redemption

Red Door Artist SEAN CROKE is currently touring the UK with Bill Kenwrights stage adaptation of  The Shawshank Redemption

Sean can currently be seen in Doctors for BBC, playing regular character D.I. Mark Addison

CLICK HERE to view Sean's Profile


Nicola Potts | Emmerdale

Red Door Artist NICOLA POTTS  has appeared in an episode of Emmerdale for ITV 


CLICK HERE to view Nicola's Profile 


Craig Morris | Cold Feet

Red Door Artist CRAIG MORRIS can be seen in next week's episode of Cold Feet for ITV 


CLICK HERE to view Craig's Profile 


Lewis Maiella in Subway Commercial

One of his first auditions and our newly signed artist, LEWIS MAIELLA landed the lead role in the new Subway commercial with LFC Online.


Yemisi Oyinloye in BBC Casualty

Our YEMISI OYINLOYE has been busy filming for a guest lead in BBC's Casualty. Watch this space...

Kerry Willison-Parry in Coronation Street

We really enjoyed watching our KERRY WILLISON-PARRY star as Mrs O'Hara in ITV's Coronation Street. 


Craig Morris in new Sofology commercial

Our CRAIG MORRIS is looking uber chic in the brand new Sofology commercial! 


Ione Townsend in Thriller Live Tour

Congratulations to our IONE TOWNSEND currently performing in the Thriller Live Tour! 

Rachel Toomes in ASDA Commercial

Our RACHEL TOOMES stars alongside, James Martin in the brand new ASDA Commercial.


Hat Trick for Ashley Luke Lloyd!

This year is set to be a brilliant one for our artist ASHLEY LUKE LLOYD. After just finishing the European Tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, Ashley is now off to South Korea with the Curve Production of Legally Blonde. Dream Girls will be the hat trick for Ashley where he will be performing at the impressive Savoy Theatre in London from November 2016 alongside Amber Riley, Aaron Reid and Liisi LaFontaine for a year long contract.

Congratulations Ashley!

To buy tickets to see Dream Girls, please click here


Maddison Jaizani in Versailles

The long wait is finally over! We're delighted to announce that the French drama series, Versailles starring our MADDISON JAIZANI as Sophie is due to air on Wednesday 1st June at 9.30pm on BBC Two.


Jon-Paul Bell in Whispers of Heaton

JON-PAUL BELL has been cast in 'Whispers of Heaton' taking place in Heaton Park in Manchester. 

Performances run from Thursday 26th May to Monday 30th May.


Mark Beswick in BBC Series Moving On

MARK BESWICK has been confirmed as the role of Josh in the BBC One series, Moving On. 

Ashley Luke Lloyd in Jesus Chris Superstar

ASHLEY LUKE LLOYD will be performing the role of JOHN in the European Tour of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR! 

Sean Croke in BBC Doctors!

SEAN CROKE who will be joining the BBC DOCTORS cast as the semi-regular role, DI Mark Addison! Sean's first appearance on Doctors will be part of their Home week.


Meg McCarthy in Bad Girls The Musical

MEG MCCARTHY will be starring in the ensemble for BAD GIRLS THE MUSICAL at Union Theatre. Performances will run from Wednesday 9th March to Saturday 2nd April 2016. 

Michael Ledwich is Wonderboy at Royal Court Liverpool!

MICHAEL LEDWICH who will be performing as WONDERBOY in Down The Dock Road at The Royal Court Liverpool. Performances run from Friday 11th March to Saturday 9th April. 


Maddison Jaizani lands lead role in Versailles!

MADDISON JAIZANI has landed a lead role in the multi-million pound Studio Canal Period Drama, VERSAILLES!

The series is currently airing in France and is set to be released in the UK. Watch this space...

Mark Beswick in The Brothers Grimsby

MARK BESWICK is confirmed for the NEW SACHA BARON COHEN FILM, THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY which is set to be released in 2016!

Click here to watch the Red Band trailer version

Charlotte Reynard in BBC Doctors

Well done to CHARLOTTE REYNARD who recently made her FIRST TV APPEARANCE in BBC DOCTORS. Charlotte played the role of Rebecca Gray.

To watch the episode, please click on the link below...

Greg Cook in Citizen Khan

GREG COOK has recently filmed the role of DAZ n the the BBC One series, CITIZEN KHAN.

Watch the episode on the link below...


Mark Beswick in Co-Op Commercial

Look out for our artist, MARK BESWICK on your screens over the festive period in the new CHRISTMAS CO-OP COMMERCIAL.


Amy Spinks in Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015!

Well done to our fantastic artist, AMY SPINKS who received great reviews for her performances in SCARLETT LANE at this year's EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL! Check out the review here 

Anthony Roberts announced as Piggy in Lord of The Flies

A massive congratulations to ANTHONY ROBERTS who has been announced as PIGGY in LORD OF THE FLIES!

Anthony and the rest of the brilliant cast will be performing at The Regents Open Air Theatre in London from Wednesday 3rd September to Saturday 12th September 2015 and then will go onto a UK and Ireland Tour from the rest of September to March 2016.

Good luck in all of your rehearsals and performances, we're delighted for you Anthony! 

If you would like to book tickets or find out more information, please click here

Kath MacColl - Panorama BBC One

Tune into our voice over artist, KATH MACCOLL as the NARRATOR in tonight's Panorama 'Young, Homeless Fighting Back'. 

8.30pm, Monday 27th July on BBC One.

Craig Morris stars in the 247 THEATRE FESTIVAL!

Good luck to our brilliant artist, CRAIG MORRIS who will be performing in 'GARY - A LOVE STORY' at the 24:7 Theatre Festival Big Weekend!

This fantastic festival runs from this Friday 24th July to Sunday 26th July. Craig will be performing at the Martin Harris Centre, John Thaw Theatre at the following times...

7.30pm - Friday 24th July
12.30pm and 9pm - Saturday 25th July
2pm - Sunday 26th July

For more info and to watch the trailer, click here!

London Monologue Slam Winner!

Congratulations to ANNABEL LUCY who was announced winner of the 3 Minute Round at London's Monologue Slam! 

Eleanor Samson as Gemma in Safe House!

It's the second episode of ITV's new drama, Safe House tonight! Don't forget to tune in at 9pm and look out for our artist, ELEANOR SAMSON. Eleanor plays the role of Gemma Underwood starring alongside former Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston and Waterloo Road star, Nicola Stephenson. 

It's not one to miss! 

Michael Ledwich is back at the Royal Court!

Yes he's BACK! From the loveable Jason The Polar Bear in Scouse of Antarctic to Keith in Canoeing for Beginners, our lovely artist, MICHAEL LEDWICH will be back at the Royal Court Liverpool in their next show, Night Collar.

Michael will be starring as multiple roles in Night Collar. Performances run from Friday 15th May until Saturday 13th June. 

Tickets are available online now and they're selling out fast!


Orla Poole in new Strangeways Film!

We're also delighted for our artist, ORLA POOLE who will be filming with the former Coronation Street star, Michelle Keegan for the new Strangeways film! Watch this space...

Chloe Fowler in new Strangeways Film!

We're delighted for our artist, CHLOE FOWLER who will be filming with Michelle Keegan this month for the new Strangeways film based in Manchester!

Eleanor Samson in Monster on Radio 4!

Tune into our lovely artist, ELEANOR SAMSON starring in the intense drama, Monster directed by Tony Pitts on Thursday 26th March at 2.15pm on BBC Radio 4! Eleanor plays alongside Shaun Dooley and Claire Fox.


Kyle Rowe in NEW Reebok Advert!

Check out our fantastic artist, Kyle Rowe playing the lead role in the brand new Reebok commercial shot in New York City for RSA Films.

Well done Kyle! 


The Commitments nominated for Olivier Audience Award!

We are excited to announce that THE COMMITMENTS starring our artist, DENIS GRINDEL has been nominated for an OLIVIER AUDIENCE AWARD 2015! 

To VOTE please click on the following link

Mark Beswick lands role in Feature Film!

We are delighted for our artist, Mark Beswick who has landed the role of Benjamin starring alongside Sacha Baron Cohen and Rebel Wilson, in the new feature film The Curse of Hendon!

Mark can already be seen on our screens, starring as the regular Darren Hughes in Waterloo Road every Monday on BBC Three.


Eleanor Samson in Safe House!

Congratulations to our amazing artist, Eleanor Samson for being offered the role of Gemma in ITV's new four part drama series, Safe House. Watch this space!

Michael Ledwich is in Canoeing for Beginners

After living life in the Antarctic as Jason The Polar Bear for the past few months, our talented artist Michael Ledwich is BACK at the Royal Court Liverpool but this time for something a little bit different! 

Michael Ledwich will be starring as Keith in the comedy, Canoeing for Beginners. 
Performances start Friday 30th January and run until Saturday 28th February 2015. 

Please click on the link below for more info and to buy tickets!

Maddison Jaizani stars as Sophie in Versailles

Our artist, Maddison Jaizani is currently filming in Paris playing the role of Sophie in the production, Versailles! 

Sean Croke stars in the play, Still Ill

We are pleased to announce that our artist, Sean Croke will be playing the role of 'Gary' in the touring production of 'Still Ill' written by Billy Cowan and directed by Joyce Branagh. The first performance is this Friday 14th November at The Lowry, Salford at 8pm.

Please click on the link below for more details!


Tigga is the voice of Vodaphone!

Listen out for our artist, Tigga Goulding as the voice for the latest Vodaphone commercial. 

This advert focuses on the emotional moment of when a boy is told the news that they have found him a donor, highlighting the well-known Vodaphone slogan of of 'every call matters'. 

Paul Bridges in Scott & Bailey this Wednesday!

Catch our brilliant artist, Paul Bridges starring as a Traffic Officer in ITV's detective drama series, Scott and Bailey at 9pm, ITV1 on Wednesday 22nd October!

Mark Beswick is back on Waterloo Road!

Our artist, Mark Beswick will be back on your screens starting from Wednesday 15th October at 8pm on BBC1 starring as the lead, Darren Hughes in the award winning series of Waterloo Road.


Jessica Bell in Wakfu!

We are delighted to announce that our artist, Jessica Bell is the voice of the anime character, Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm in the animated series, Wakfu! This is now available to watch online on Netflix!


Markis Hopkins stars in Peaky Blinders!

Don't forget to watch our artist, MARKIS HOPKINS starring as FRED FARR in PEAKY BLINDERS, TONIGHT on BBC2 at 9pm!

Click here to view the trailer:

Paul Bridges is in Scott and Bailey this October!

Catch Paul Bridges starring as a Traffic Cop in the popular ITV Drama series, Scott and Bailey, on Wednesday 22nd October at 9pm!

Sean Croke stars in Emmerdale!

Congratulations to SEAN CROKE who will be playing the role of JOSH in the one hour EMMERDALE SPECIAL at 7pm on ITV on Thursday 13th November. Don't forget to tune in! 

Michael Ledwich is Jason The Polar Bear!

We are delighted to announce that MICHAEL LEDWICH will be starring as JASON THE POLAR BEAR in Scouse of The Antarctic at The Royal Court Theatre from Friday 21st November to Saturday 17th January starting at 8pm on week nights and matinees on a Saturday.

Christine Clare stars in Wings!

We are very proud to announce that our talented CHRISTINE CLARE will be performing in 'WINGS' at the Contact Theatre, Oxford Street, Manchester from Thursday 25th September to Saturday 27th September.

Tickets are selling fast so make sure you don't miss out! You can buy online on the following link or call 0161 274 0600


Brad Kavanagh is off on tour!

We are very pleased to announce that our music artist, Brad Kavanagh will be supporting the multi-talented Hollywood Ending this October!

The tour dates are as follows:

21st October - Glasgow ABC2
22nd October - Newcastle Academy 2
23rd October - Manchester Ruby Lounge 
26th October - Norwich Waterfront Studio
27th October - Nottingham Bodega
28th October - Leeds Cockpit 2
30th October - Birmingham Temple
1st November - London Upstairs at the Garage

Tickets are now available online! Please click on the link below:


Maddison Jaizani stars as Leila in Tyrant on FoxTV!

Don't miss our amazing MADDIE starring as Leila in the BRAND NEW family drama, TYRANT on FoxTV starting TONIGHT at 9pm! 

Click here for the trailer

KYLE ROWE Flying to South Africa

Our client KYLE ROWE will be filming in South Africa this week for Sasha Baron Cohen's new feature film.

The film 'GRIMSBY' will be featuring many artists today including Rebel Wilson, Isla Fisher, Penelope Cruz and more. Kyle will be playing The Boyfriend. 

Please keep your eyes pealed for the trailer!


Keelie Jade Grindley - Nationwide Advert

Please click the link below to see our client KEELIE-JADE GRINDLEY in the new Nationwide Advert. See below!


Craig Morris in Crimewatch

Please check out our Client CRAIG MORRIS in Crimewatch. Airdate July 27th, 2014


Paul Bridges in Scott & Bailey Series 4

Our Northern based Client Paul Bridges will be filming in August for the British Detective Series 4; Scott & Bailey. 

Paul will be appearing in 4 episodes as the Traffic Officer. 

Watch this space as we will keep you updated on Air Date.


Watch Brad's interview with Showbiz Gems!

Our fantastic Artist Brad Kavanagh has been taking Youtube by Storm recently. 

Brad performed last week at the O2 with PopShack Live (SEE LINK) 

"19 July 2014 is THE new red letter day in the diaries of millions of young pop fans across the country as PopShack, the UK’s fastest growing music network, celebrates the end of the school year with a massive teen party. 

This unique event will be hosted by award winning Radio 1 DJs Dan and Phil - who have over 5-million teen subscribers to their YouTube channels and over 300,000,000 views! The show will be headlined by X- Factor finalists and chart topping boy band Union J. They are joined by loads of other established stars including Luke Friend, Loveable Rogues, Kingsland Road and Nickelodeon heart throb Brad Kavanagh, to name a few.

And that’s not it – also appearing are some of the most exciting new talent from across the YouTube world including Jasmine Thompson, Ebony Day, Daniel J, Musical Bethan and Laura Zocca. These emerging stars already account for over 100,000,000 video views between them!" Via PopShack Live

Article on PopShack Live ( July, 2014


Sean Croke filming for All At Sea Series 2

Sean will be filming for ALL AT SEA tomorrow in Manchester. 

He will be featured in All At Sea once it airs live. Please keep an eye out for our fantastic client as he will be filming soon!


Nigel Clarke - Presenter for Disney Sports Day

Our Presenting Client NIGEL CLARKE will be Presenting for the 2014 Mo Farah Weetabix Sports day. Watch this space for more footage available!

"Weetabix fuels the 'Ultimate Sports Day' with Mo Farah

The multi-million pound campaign has kicked off with seven million Ultimate Sports Day promotional packs of Weetabix, featuring Mo Farah, going into stores. The marketing campaign is supported by communications agencies Frank PR, Cake, Good Relations, Walker Media, The Marketing Store and advertising agency BBH.

The Ultimate Sports Day campaign can be entered via pack or through schools. The competition locks into the healthy living strand of the school curriculum with educational packs issued to Primary Schools in the UK. Children are asked to think creatively to design the ultimate obstacle for a sports day. Entrants will be in with a chance to win a school trip to the Ultimate Sports Day this July and to compete with Mo Farah."


James Devlin in TICKET TO WRITE, The Unity Theatre

James Devlin will be playing the famous Liverpool manager BRIAN EPSTEIN in A Ticket to Write at the Unity Theatre 15th-17th July, 2014.

Three one-act plays from an international field focused on The Beatles or the 60s’ Mersey music scene.


Harvey's Commercial (Elicia Davis & Tyron Maynard)

Two of our clients ELICIA DAVIS and TYRON MAYNARD have recently finished filming the New Harvey's Commercial

Make sure to check out there fantastic performances - Watch this Space.

Pat Brocklehurst - Manchester Fringe 'Run For Home'

Our Client PAT BROCKLEHURST who has recently filmed for the 4 O'Clock Club will be appearning in the Manchester Fringe Festival July 14th-16th. 

Please see details below and get yourself over to the Manchester Fringe!


KYLE ROWE in Sacha Baron Cohen new Film

Our fantastic young performer KYLE ROWE will be filming for the New Sacha Baron Cohen Film.

More details to follow.

Ashley Lloyd in Blackpool for MAMMA MIA

Ashley Lloyd will be playing the role of EDDIE in the Mamma Mia international tour in his home town from 20th June to 14th September, 2014.

Ashley has been touring with Mamma Mia across the globe, recently returning from China!

MAMMA MIA! International Tour when it plays its exclusive UK Summer Season at the Blackpool Opera House from 20 June to 14 September 2014. 

The MAMMA MIA! International Tour is led by real-life husband and wife, Richard Standing and Sara Poyzer, with Sara playing Donna Sheridan and Richard playing Sam Carmichael. The MAMMA MIA! International Tour also stars Geraldine Fitzgerald as Tanya, Sue Devaney as Rosie, Michael Beckley as Bill Austin, Keiron Crook as Harry Bright, Bart Edwards as Sky, Sally Frith as Ali, Jasmin Colangelo as Lisa, Kade Ferriaiolo as Pepper and Ashley Luke Lloyd as Eddie. The role of Donna is played at certain performances by Natalie Langston. 

Also in the cast of the MAMMA MIA! International Tour are Craig Anthony-Kelly, Laura Benazaize, Jay Bryce, Matthew Collyer, Frances Dee, James-Royden Lyley, Gemma Lawson, Megan Louch, Scott Mobley, Aaron Ashley Parker, Ashley Russell, Robbie Scotcher, Tom Stanford-Wheatley, Anna Stolli, Lucy Wilkerson, Sarah Wilkie and Jamie Wilkin. 


Jessica Bell & Kit Garner SPARTICLE MYSTERY

Jessica Bell and Kit Garner both leads in the new upcoming series of Sparticle Mystery for CBBC.

In a world without adults, one tribe is desperate to bring back the grownups but another is determined to keep them away forever.

Please make sure to check this out further. Fantastic children's series with TOP TALENT.


Anna Wilson Hall - Meet the Sleepseekers Animation

Our Actress and Voice over artists Anna Wilson-Hall will be finishing the final voice over for Meet the Sleepseekers Animation.

Please check it out:



Pat Brocklehurst will be appearing in the 4th Series of the successful CBBC series 4 O'Clock Club.

Please read below:


BRAD KAVANAGH - Live Twitter with Showcase Live

Our music artist Brad Kavanagh will be taking Twitter by storm this evening at 7pm! Please click on the link below to view his tweets and ask him any questions you may have!



Maddison Jaziani in TYRANT - Fox 21

Our fantastic young performer Maddison Jaziani has recently filmed TYRANT with Fox 21. Please keep an eye out for this great new series.

"The network has just released the first trailer for the series and if you’re looking for something to add to your DVR que, this looks like a solid bet. Tyrant comes from Homeland producers Howard Gordon and Gideon Raff, and centers around a seemingly average American family that heads to the Middle East to visit their politically-inclined family for the wedding of a relative.

Tyrant clearly sets itself up to offer some social commentary on a subject that is still very much taboo in a certain sense. The American version of the Middle East doesn’t account for personal tales..." - Please click to read more on TYRANT


UNA LOVE as the new Nurse in Coronation Street

Our client Una Love will be appearing as the new Nurse in Coronation Street.

Keep your eyes pealed for her.

Please click on the link below to read more:


Media City's Red Door Heartthrob

Summer of opportunity for Media City's Red Door heartthrob

It'll definitely be a summer of love for one young man this year, if his wish is granted and he gains a place onstage at this year's Capital Radio Summertime Ball.

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Brad Kavanagh - represented by MediaCity-based RedDoor Management - is recognisable to millions of youngsters from his leading roles on Disney and Nickelodeon, and he is asking for his Media City supporters to help him achieve his dream, playing with his band onstage at Wembley Stadium next month.  He's been involved in music since the age of six, and was subsequently signed by MediaCity-based Scream Management Ltd as a youngster, soon starring as one of the leads in the original cast of Billy Elliot.  More recently he has starred as Dylan in Disney's As the Bell Rings, and gained fame across Europe and America as heartthrob Fabian in Nickelodeon's long-running drama House of Anubis.

But now with his sights firmly set on the music industry, Brad is hoping YOU can make his dream come true!

"It's amazing that Brad has got this far in the competition, it's an amazing opportunity and I'm sure he's chuffed with the response online so far," explains Tracey Bell, MD and Senior Agent at RedDoor, based at the hub's Greenhouse offices.  The company represents an exclusive and select rosta of performers for work in Television, Film, Animation, Radio and Stage; other artists can be seen in productions as diverse as Waterloo Road, ITV's Prey, and the new Russell T Davies drama for Channel 4.

"We're a very hands-on and personable agency, we've nurtured Brad Kavanagh from a child actor in the West End, to a buddy singer-songwriter with the world at his feet.  RedDoor and its sister company Scream Management are very much based in the heart of MediaCity, it would be great for our colleagues and neighbours to support Brad on his mission to get on that stage at Wembley!"

Get on over to and vote for Brad to take centre-stage at Wembley, as part of Capital Radio's Summertime Ball!



Phil John-Perry as Jacob in new series CUCUMBER

Our fantastic client Phil John Perry will be appearing as Jacob in the new Channel4 series 'Cucumber' written by Russell T Davies.

"Fifteen years after Queer As Folk exploded on to the screen, award-winning writer Russell T Davies is back with Cucumber and Banana – two new drama series for Channel 4 and E4 exploring the passions and pitfalls of 21st century gay life. Tofu, a factual web series, is an anarchic online guide to sex inspired by the dramas each week.

Cucumber - an 8 X 60’ series for Channel 4 - follows 46 year old Henry and his long-suffering boyfriend Lance. Life for Henry and Lance is comfortable and settled. But after the most disastrous date night in history - involving a death, a threesome, two police cars and the Glee Christmas Album - Henry's old life shatters, and his new life begins."

Read More at:

Jessica Bell in new series of SPARTICLE MYSTERY

Jessica Bell will be appearing as DORA in the popular CBBC BBC family drama of SPARTICLE MYSTERYS. For more details please visit the official website:


Prey. New drama starring John Simm will be featuring on ITV this month.

ITV’s new high-octane three-part thriller, Prey, lead by BAFTA nominated actor John Simm.
Greg Cook will be playing the role of GEOFF SHARPE.
Starts Monday 28 April at 9pm on ITV
A RED Production Company production for ITV.


Mark Beswick for Final Series 10 of WATERLOO ROAD

Our fantastic young actor Mark Beswick plays regular Darren Hughes in Waterloo Road Series 10, BBC1 @ 8pm. This will be the final season of Waterloo Road so make sure you catch his fantastic performance while you can.

Mamma Mia International Tour

We are delighted to announce Ashley Luke Lloyd will be joining the cast of Mamma Mia: The ABBA Musical a worldwide tour that takes the musical to many high-profile locations. Ashley will be playing the role of Eddie.

Based on the best-selling back catalogue of vintage pop group ABBA, and famously made into a musical starring Meryl Streep and Julie Walters, the stage show is one of London's longest-running successes and the 2014 International Tour is sure to prove as popular. Click here for more information


Laura Harding in The Drowned Man

Very proud of our actress Laura Harding who is currently performing as Alice Estee in The Drowned Man A Hollywood Fable. A co-production between the prestigious National Theatre and Punchdrunk. It is receiving fantastic reviews "A huge cult hit that will be talked about for years to come." 5 Stars The Daily Telegraph.

Denis Grindel star of The Commitments

Our actor Denis Grindel will play lead role Jimmy Rabbitte in the World Premier West End stage adaptation of writer Roddy Doyle's The Commitments, due to open at London's Palace Theatre next month.

Jimmy Rabbitte is a young working class music fan, who shapes an unlikely bunch of amateur musicians and friends into an amazing live act, the finest soul band Dublin has ever produced.

The show, which has been more than two years in the making and is directed by the award winning Jamie Lloyd (the man behind the recent production of Macbeth starring James McAvoy).

Box Office: 0844 874 0790
Book online

Mark Beswick Waterloo Road

Our fantastic young actor Mark Beswick plays regular Darren Hughes in Waterloo Road Series 9, BBC1 @ 8pm. Mark is also the voice of Trollee on the CBeebies show Mike The Knight.